Overview:┬áYES – Young Entrepreneur Society is UK based on profit organization where business minded people come together to develop business, corporate culture and more. My job was to create a logo identity from the very ground up, establish a brand visual style and design corporate identity.

Challenge: At YES, many people will come from different nations, races, religions and culture. I was to adhere to this difficulty and design a cross cultural logo identity for this brand.

Inspiration: Pure diamond which reflects sun rays into different colors, but the ultimate source of the color is the same ­čÖé

Style: Iconic brand, futuristic, vibrant

Client: UK

Project Completed: 2013

Work Scope: Conceptual brand development, brand mark design, brand visual style design, corporate Identity design, Stationary design comprising business card, letterhead, envelop and invitation slip.

Tools: Paper, Pencil, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6


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