I have successfully been providing Brand,Graphic and Web Design services to numerous clients for the last 7 years from all over the globe. Being a creative junkie & programming enthusiast at the same time is the most tedious, labyrinth and hectic process i have ever experienced in my life. My insatiable desire, will to knowledge and firm determination have made it possible to be a self-educated creative designer & web programmer. I am work-a-holic and a hobbyist. My career goal is to be a successful online entrepreneur by innovating useful techno products.

My preferred fields of interest:
Brand & Corporate Identity Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design
Software Architecture
Web/Android/iOS Apps Design & Development
Online Entrepreneurship
Online Marketing Consultancy
Advertising Media

Junior Designer – AttraBiT Technologies & Solutions Ltd.

 – 2009
My responsibility was to design innovative logo, stationary and web layout design and get approval from clients.

Freelance Visual and UI Designer – Various Clients

2009 – 2012

I started my own freelancing career from 2009 and had worked with clients all over the globe via online marketplaces including:,,

Freelance Art Director & Web Engineer – Various Clients

2013 – Present
As an Art Director, I work closely with client, evaluate their requirements and submit a whole design solution for client approval. Concept development or brand development is also my responsibility as an art director.
As a Web Engineer, I brainstorm the solution of client requirements and submit a development plan by choosing technology and fixing time frame. Beside standard development I closely monitor engineering aspect of a website architecture and take care of – Debugging, Reducing HTTP request, Loading speed optimization, Server/hosting configuration, responsive mobile view testing, security optimization etc.

Industries I have worked with:

E-commerce/Retail, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Medical and Health, Travel, Restaurant & Bakery, Fashion & Clothing, Hospitality & Nursing, Photography, Architecture, Export & Import, Technology, Non-profit, Outsourcing & ICT etc.

major upgrade in skills as I got admitted in iVersity at Web Engineering – I, II & III and several other MOOC platform.

Web Engineering (I, II, III) –  2013-2014

Web Engineering – I  Fundamental of Web Development 

Web Engineering – II Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps

Web Engineering – III Application Quality Assurance

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)  2006 – 2009    National University, Bangladesh

4 part marketing, management and accounting.

Visual Design and UI

Logo/Identity & Brand development from scratch or re-branding, Packaging & Print design, Web and Mobile UI design, Icon design, Flat illustrations, Social media designs

Frontend & Interaction Design

HTML5 & CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive layout creation, Touch optimization, PSD to HTML, Dev tools debugging, jQuery effects and animations, SVG animations

Backend & CMS

WordPress, WooCommerce, PSD to WP, WP development to production, Premium WP theme customization, WP Performance and Security optimization, WP admin panel customization, Database optimization.

Digital Marketing

On page SEO, Social media branding, Social media integration, Analytics,  Website marketing channels fixation

Writing/ Editing & Communication

Blog article writing, Website write-up, Company profile write-up, Technical spec/ Creative Brief writing, Project proposal and presentation designing, Business email and formal communication.

Digital Marketing

On page SEO, Social media branding, Website marketing channels fixation

From basic design to advanced deployment, I frequently use most sophisticated and recent technologies to automate project related tasks and improving productivity.

Visual Design Tools:
Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Indesign CS6, Adobe Flash CS4 etc.

Development Tools:
HTML5, CSS3, HTML5 APIs, SVG, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, Virtual Box, Twitter Bootstrap, XAMPP, MySQL

Automation / Software Build Tools:
Vagrant, CSS Lint, JS Lint, Grunt

Editing Tools:
Sublime Text 3, Brackets, Dreamweaver CC

Project Management Tools:
GitHub, Bit Bucket

Cloud Consoles:
Cloud Control, Heroku, Command Line Interface (CLI), Google Application Engine, Amazon Web Services ( AWS)

Browser Tools:
Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mantra

Operating System:
Windows 7, Debian- Linux, iOS7, Android

Mobile Testing:
iOS and Android Emulators, Dev tools mobile console

Debugging and Testing:
Chrome Dev Tools, Responsive Design Emulators, JS Lint

Analysis Tools:
Google KeyWord Analysis Tools, Google Webmasters Tools, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, JS Profiling,